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    2010年01月16日 上午 | 作者:VPS侦探




    Recent media coverage of cyber attacks appearing to originate from China against Google and other companies have mentioned a Linode VPS being involved.  No Linodes were involved in malicious activity related to this event.  In fact, it was Google themselves that chose to use Linode to aid in their investigation of the attacks.  Google has authorized us to release this statement:

    “Google signed up to become the operator of the VPS on Jan. 1, 2010 for the purposes of an investigation. At no point did malicious parties have control.” – Jay Nancarrow, Google Global Communications & Public Affairs

    Although our part was a small one, we’re glad to have been a component in this investigation. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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    google wave提名/邀请

    2009年11月15日 下午 | 作者:VPS侦探

    自己的Google Wave最近终于可以邀请,在此发放以写邀请给VPSer们,先到先得,VPSer QQ群:7617036成员优先获得。