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    VPSYou Xen VPS 3月优惠码(提供Las Vegas 和Los Angeles机房)

    2010年03月13日 上午 | 作者:VPS侦探

    VPSYou 是hostloc论坛myrte开办的,VPSYou现在主要提供位于Las Vegas 和Los Angeles基于Xen的VPS。




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    TheNYNoc 停止洛杉矶机房VPS服务并转移已有洛杉矶VPS至纽约机房

    2009年12月8日 上午 | 作者:VPS侦探



    Dear shijun li,
    If you do not have services with us in Los Angeles, then this email does not apply to you and can be discarded.  If you do have services with us in Los Angeles, please read more below.

    As of December 10th, we will be discontinuing our Los Angeles hosting services due to issues with our current LA service provider.  We would like to keep you as a client still so we are offering to move your account to our New York location as well as discount your current fee by 25% on your renewal of services with us.

    We realize this is a small time frame to move but it is the time frame the provider just gave us minutes ago as they are not cooperating with us.

    Please accept our sincerest apologies for this issue and we hope you will accept our offer to move to our NY location.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to open a support ticket.  *Do not reply to this email as it does not get checked*

    Thank you for your time.

    瑞豪开源(RasHost) - 洛杉矶VPS终身双倍内存优惠!

    2009年09月25日 上午 | 作者:VPS侦探

    RasHost VPS ,2009/10/8日前选择洛杉矶数据中心给终身双倍内存优惠!